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diy bubble wall

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make bubble panel

How to Make a bubble panel
How to Make a bubble panel
diy bubble panel
How to Make a bubble panel
diy bubble wall
diy bubblewall

Contents of this book:

How to make Water Bubble Panel by yourself

List of necessary tools and equioment for manufacturing

Drawings, photo gallery, assembly scheme, etc.

How to raise money with bubble water panels

Evgeny Zolotarev
is a founder of the AQUA-MODA project


Evgeny Zolotarev is a founder of the AQUA-MODA project.

Conducts aqua design activity more than 7 years.

 Main specialization:

 - Giving lessons about manufacturing technology of water bubble panels;

- Manufacturing of a premium segment bubble and water features;

- Sale of materials and components for aqua design features.

 He helps to implement technologies both for beginners and professionals. 

His clients:

Water Bubble Panel. What is it?

It is a design made of plastic material with some liquid inside.

Each design has a bubble aerator and an air pump in the lower part.

When air pump is switched on, air goes through hoses to the bubble generator and a process of aeration starts.

Bubbles begin to rise from the bottom to the upper part of the design and LED lights create a magical effect which attracts attention and calms a nervous system.

Contents of DEMO version:

1. Few introductory words
2. Acknowledgements
4. WATER BUBBLE PANEL. What is it?
3. My first steps
5. Types of design and possible product sizes
6.  Acrylic sheets (Plexiglas) and other materials for manufacturing

Contents of FULL version (includes DEMO):

6. Acrylic sheets (Plexiglas) and other materials for manufacturing
7. How do the bubbles appear? Bubble aerator and its operating principle
8. Air pumps. How to choose the most quiet and powerful one
9. LED lightning and high-brightness light-emitting diodes
10. Leakage protection
11. Water preparation. Get rid of green scum once and forever!

12. Three main rules of maintenance
13. BUSINESS-PLAN. How to raise money with bubble water panels

14. Photo Archive - 2000 photos of water bubble panels
16. CHECKLIST of equipment and materials procurement
18. Assembly scheme of a water bubble panel
19. Bubble aerator =PREMIUM= drawings
20. Technical requirements for production of air nozzles








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Dekker brothers

We've surfed all the interned in order to find any info about Water Bubble panels. And finally we found Evgeny's book. That's was one of the most useful things we've bought. His experience was very useful for us.

Andrey Tarasov

Well, before i bought this book i thought that i would never find anything useful. But this book helped me to make my own Water Bubble Panel. Everything is simple, thanks to Evgeny very much!


I was in a while search for any step by step info about Bubble Panels assembling. Afther i made a purchase, i saw that it was really worth buying it, because i found exactly what i needed.

Bill Murphy

I tried to find any exact info about Water Bubble Panels in the internet, but it was only general info, nothing special. When i bought this book i was amazed! Instructions, drawings, info about materials and much more...
$20 - Worth it!

Matthew Reyes

This book is an essential thing for reading, if you are interested in Water Bubble Panels. It is really useful and great book, because you will get all needed information about manufacturing, assembling and so on.

Alexander Dementiev

Finally, this is a book that i was trying to find... Assembly manual, schemes, drawings... First i thought that it's a kind of cheating. But i made a purchase. How i was surprised when i downloaded all that stuff and saw it! It is really good thing to buy if you want to make Water Bubble Panels.

Ruslan Martynov

If you ask me if i was satisfied with purchase or not, i would definitely say YES. Because Evgeny gave me that info you will never find in the internet.

Robert Walters

Couple of years ago i got an interest to the sphere of water features. I've read a huge number of forum, blogs, etc. But there was no info abut how to make all that stuff by your own. And now i have assembly manual of Water Bubble Panel. Isn't it great? Thanks to Evgeny.

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